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Do you have your own lip gloss tubes that you want us to fill with our glosses?  

Choose from our Pink Collection or Nude Collection Glosses:

Pink Collection:

  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Rose Gold
  • Primrose


Nude Collection:

  • Berry Sweet
  • Bubblegum
  • Coco Butter Kisses
  • Caramel Swirl

Please note: We are not responsible for your tubes if we receive them damaged during shipment, if they are not able to be delivered to us for any reason or if you send them to the wrong address. Please keep this in mind before sending us your tubes. You will receive a refund on your order if this happens, unless you would like to send us new tubes. In the event that we refund you due to receiving the tubes damaged, you will be responsible for paying for shipping if you would like us to return the tubes back to you.

Please note that processing time starts from the date that your package is delivered to us.

By ordering this service, you agree to these terms.

How to order:

Send us an email at WITH YOUR ORDER # IN THE SUBJECT LINE, after you order to find the PO Box address to mail your glosses to. Please do not send in your tubes to our PO Box without emailing us first as our PO Box address is changed periodically. After you ship your tubes, email us the tracking number so we are aware of delivery.

Logo Labeling Tips

As you are uploading your logo, please note the following:

  • If the logo you upload is blurry, the logo label will also appear blurry.

  • If the words on your logo are too small, it may appear blurry on the label.

  • The bigger and bolder the words are, the more visible they will appear on the label.

  • The darker the logo/words, the better due to the lip gloss colors being light. (Black Text looks the most visible on these glosses). 

  • If you want the label to be transparent, make sure there is a WHITE background behind your logo. If the background of your logo is black, it will print black.

For reference, this is the label size on the glosses: