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Your customers will LOVE our one of a kind, Summer Themed Wholesale Lip Glosses! 

  • Dessert Themed, Smells Sweet, Pretty Aesthetic 



  1. FRUIT PUNCH: 8ML - Pink Popsicle Stick Lip Gloss Tube - Fruit Punch Scented.
  2. COTTON CANDY: 15 ML - Silver Cap Squeeze Tube - Cotton Candy Scented.
  3. WATERMELON SUGAR: 15 ML - Silver Cap Squeeze Tube - Watermelon Scented. (contains edible black decor "seeds")



  • Summer Collection will ONLY be available during the Summer! Make sure to stock up before then.
  • Specify the color(s) you would like and the quantity of each.  For example, "30 Fruit Punch, 30 Cotton Candy, 40 Watermelon Sugar". (Choose any colors & amount you want)  (If you leave the notes section blank, your colors will be randomized)
  • Scents & Tubes are not customizable.
  • Please allow 7-10 business days of processing time.
  • Wholesale Items are not eligible for free shipping or returns.
  • Custom Labels are glossy clear & will be attached to the lip glosses.
*Logo Labels*

As you are uploading your logo, please note the following:

  • If the logo you upload is blurry, the custom label will also appear blurry.

  • If the words on your logo are too small, it may appear blurry on the label.

  • The bigger and bolder the words are, the more visible they will appear on the label.

  • The darker the logo/words, the better due to the lip gloss colors being light. (Black Text look the most visible on these glosses). 

  • If you want the label to be transparent, make sure your there is a WHITE background behind your logo. If the background of your logo is black, it will print black.

For reference, this is the label size on the glosses:



Coming soon. Pre-order now so you're the 1st one to grab these glosses when we launch May 19th.