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Want to fill your own tubes with our lip gloss? Now you can with our wholesale lipgloss jars. These glosses come scented and pre-mixed with oils. All you need to do is fill them with your tubes!

Size: 8 oz

Each jar can fill about 15, 15ml squeeze tubes and 20-25 10ml tubes. They will fill more the smaller your tubes are.

*Jar lids may come in black or white.


Enjoy our Pink Collection Glosses:

🌹Rose Gold: Coconut Scented 

🍓Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry Scented

🍉Primrose: Watermelon Scented


Enjoy our Nude Collection Glosses: 

🍬 Bubblegum: Bubblegum Scented 

🟠 Caramel Swirl: Caramel Scented

🍫 Cocoa Butter Kisses: Chocolate Scented

🍇 Berry Sweet: Raspberry Scented


Shipping 🚚

Our lipgloss jars are ready to ship. 

Helpful Tip 💡

When filling your tubes with the strawberry shortcake gloss, insert the strawberry pieces in your tubes first. Putting them in your syringe may cause them to get clogged. The strawberry pieces will come separately in a treat bag for your convenience.